Fly Or Die 2

[W][A][S][D] - move
[Left click] - fly

It is a multiplayer survival game where you start your journey being a small fly and have to level-up and become stronger.

Every time you get a new level, your character changes as well as his diet. The higher you are on the ledder of evolution - the more creatures will become your food. In the end there is only one choice - you fly or you die.

Fly Or Die 2 : Game Description

Fly Or Die 2

Have you ever heard about Darwin's theory of evolution ? If your answer is Yes then we have a nice game for you which will make you addicted to it and it is called Fly Or Die 2. In fact, it is the second chapter of the extremely popular multiplayer game where player start on the first step of evolution of small creatures and control a small fly and have to find food and water to evolute and become something bigger. The game is pretty simple but at the same time rather interesting. If we compare this online game to thousands of others, we will notice that it has a really big tree of updates and the gameplay is very interesting. You spawn in the world of different creatures, where some of them can fly while others stay on the ground. All creatures must find some food and water to live so your basic mission is clear. Keep in mind that some of the creatures eat fruits, sworms and similar insects while others must hunt for a bigger creatures. In this game, the food with the green circle is safe one, while food or creature with red circle will definitely kill you. The faster you find the food suitable for your creature, the faster you will level up and turn into a new create which stands higher on the ledder of evolution.

How To Succeed In Fly Or Die 2?

As you know the name of the game suggest a straight strategy - you fly or you die. When you start the game your character is pretty weak and can easily become a part of someones diet so being very careful is a key to success. There are several ways how you can survive in this game. The first way is to hide in the clouds when predators are near. In fact, you can also try to find a more safe place with less creatures and try to level up there but believe me, that the places with high number of players is full of food so you should choose what to do - get some food or hide somewhere else. One more thing that you should keep in mind while playing Fly Or Die 2 is that all creatures need water. There is a special water ballance bar which you should keep an eye on. When it goes low you should fly and find some water. When you move higher on your ledder of evolution, your diet will change. You will have to hunt for smaller players so eat them. In the end, there is always someone who is stronger than you and always someone who is weaker. Play the full version of the Fly Or Die Io 2 at our website for free and have a lot of fun.

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